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Everyone can be a UK property developer

This platform for investing British real estate regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority.

Investment Brochure

Why choose us

High-quality channels with controllable risks

We provide better channels for your real estate investment. Traditional real estate investment often requires very high starting capital. With our Investment, you only need as little as £5,000 to start investing. For every real estate investment project, We will conduct detailed background checks to minimize project investment risks.

Risk sharing

We have full confidence in the projects we deliver, just as we promise. In every project, we use our own funds to co-invest with you, which means we share the same profit goals. Only if the project is successful will we be able to make a profit.

Professional team

Our professional real estate investment team, including senior project managers, real estate analysts, and financial investment analysts. In previous investment projects, We has successfully cooperated with many well-known local developers.

About us

British Chinese real estate investment No. 1

Easy investment is the UK's first real estate crowd funding platform for Chinese in the UK, solving the problems of ordinary investors' lack of professional knowledge, high capital consumption, poor risk control, and insufficient time allocation.

We are committed to providing the most suitable real estate investment projects for British and Chinese people. Our carefully designed investment platform, professional finance, taxation and real estate investment experience will help investors establish their own investment channels conveniently and quickly. All our projects are open, transparent, direct and effective, and can help investors better grasp investment opportunities.

Our service scope includes: small real estate development, investment in multi-tenant rental housing, and investment in rental housing.

Our portfolio

British Chinese real estate investment No. 1

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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